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Ridge scoop
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Ridge scoop
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Plowing work
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Attachments for home garden
For front rotary
tending machine

A front rotary tending machine is a main machine with
tilling claws attached to the rotary at its front.

Ridge scoopRidge scoop

● Blue ridge scoop
  [Use]  ・・・ Ridging in a trapezoidal shape, intertillage ridging work
  [Spec]  ・・・ Working width 45 to 60cm, made of plastic
  [Features]  ・・・ 1. Work can be performed easily as soil flows well because all peaks and blade parts completely made of plastic.
2. Trapezoidal ridges tightened up to the top with a professional-looking furrow bottom.
3. Angular ridges can be made through the adoption of the top place leveling plate.


● Super green ridger --- Plays three roles by recombination.
  [Use]  ・・・ Making of ridges in fields, hilling work
  [Spec]  ・・・ For ridge dimensions, see the above ridge shapes. Made of plastic.
  [Features]  ・・・ 1. Three types of work can be performed by recombining the shaping plate and other components: inside heaping-up (round ridge, flat ridge) and outside heaping-up (round ridge).
2. Soil hardly adheres to the plastic shaping plate, and professional-looking ridges.
3. For outside heaping-up, the bottom width becomes 18cm, by which work is facilitated.

Leveling rakeLeveling rake

● Super leveling rake
  [Use]  ・・・ Land leveling work for fields or rice fields
  [Spec]  ・・・ Working width 70cm (products with 90cm also available)
  [Features]  ・・・ Land leveling work for fields or rice fields can be performed speedily.
Ridge breaking work can also be performed easily.