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Ridge scoop
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Ridge scoop
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Plowing work
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Mowing/residual stem treating work

Attachments for home garden
 For axle type tending machine
The axle type tending machine is the main machine to work with tilling rotors or wheels attached to the axle under its engine.

Tilling rotorTilling rotor

Star rotor DX (600) --- For 2PS - 3PS tending machine
   [Use]  ・・・ Tilling work for fields or rice fields, intertilling work for vegetables
   [Spec]  ・・・ Outside diameter 29cm, tilling width 33cm with the master alone/60cm with the master and slave, 12 claws
   [Features]  ・・・ 1. Even beginners can till smoothly by the driving force.  
2. Rotors can be split so that wide tilling (60cm) and intertilling work (33cm) for vegetables can be performed.
3. Grass hardly becomes entangled in the drum type shaft.
4. Fields, rice fields, and even sand or black dirt farmland in which rotors easily sink can be tilled through the adoption of the magical plate on the outside of the rotor section.
Miracle rotor (720) --- For 2PS - 3PS tending machine
   [Use]  ・・・ Deep tillage work for fields, tilling hard farmland
   [Spec]  ・・・ Outside diameter 28cm, tilling width 72cm, 12 claws
   [Features]  ・・・ 1.
Even hard farmland can be tilled deeply and strongly by the specially-shaped claws rotating as if sticking. (Deep tillage 20cm)
2. Stable work with a large tilling width can be performed.